Pharmacy Technician Certification in Utah

National pharmacy technician certification is required in Utah; the state accepts both ExCPT and PTCB certification. Applicants for Utah pharmacy technician licenses must also submit completed take-home “Pharmacy Technician Law and Rule Examination” along with proof of completion of a board-approved training program or on-the-job training.


Pharmacy technicians moving to the state of Utah must have completed at least 1000 hours of employment within the past two years and submit a copy of a current out-of-state license along with proof of national certification.


The application fee is $100 and must include three sets of fingerprint cards. Applicants will undergo an FBI background check during the application process. Renewal applications are required on odd-numbered years and technicians need to complete 20 hours of continuing education during that time; at least eight of those hours must be live and one must be on pharmacy law.


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