Pharmacy Technician Certification in Minnesota

Minnesota requires pharmacy technicians to register with the state and renew that registration every year. The initial registration cost is $35.

As of January 1, 2013 pharmacy technicians who were first registered after January 1, 2012 are required to provide proof of training through one of the following board-approved methods:
• Program offered by a board-approved, accredited vocational/technical institution or college;
• Program offered by an accredited and board-approved national organization that offers accredited pharmacy technician training programs;
• Program offered by a brand of the United Stated armed forces or Public Health Service;
• Employer-based curriculum of at least 480 hours

Applicants are not required to hold national certification, though the state does request that information on the application. Pharmacy technicians in Minnesota must be high school graduates (or hold a GED) and fulfill one of the following requirements:

Completion of a pharmacy technician program offered by an accredited school, the US Armed Forces or national, accredited pharmacy technician organization or an employer program consisting of at least 480 hours.

While not required in Minnesota, certification can help pharmacy technicians gain a deeper understanding of industry standards and practices as well as improve professional opportunities such as job advancement and higher salaries.


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