Vigilance and Training are a Must for Compounding Pharmacies

Posted by Pharmacist on November 12, 2012


The recent meningitis outbreak has brought attention to compounding pharmacies and the way they produce their products. The outbreak is an unfortunate reminder that in the pharmaceutical industry there is no room for error or relaxed standards.


All pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have a responsibility to their patients to maintain the highest standards and provide safe medication. Use this opportunity to review compounding records as well as current safety and sterility procedures to make sure they’re in compliance with both your state pharmacy board and FDA regulations. Inspect equipment and review processes and standards with your staff.


Continuing education (CE) helps pharmacists and pharmacy technicians keep safety and sterility top of mind as well as shedding light on new technology and areas where improvements can be made. Consider online and live CE courses, pharmacy technician certification programs and customized training for your pharmacy to help reinforce compounding procedures.


Our profession is based on the tenants of helping others be well. Our customers trust us to help them and their families stay healthy. While the meningitis outbreak is a tragedy it is also an opportunity for our industry to push forward with a renewed commitment to education and consistent standards. We hope you will take advantage of this chance to improve to ensure the quality of your service and the health of your patients.

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